Ignite Ergonomic Task chair with Headrest-D00253H-BB

Ignite Ergonomic Task chair with Headrest-D00253H-BB

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About This Product

Introducing our premium "Ignite" office chair, a versatile seating solution designed to elevate your workspace experience. This task chair combines ergonomic excellence with contemporary design, making it the perfect addition to any office or home office setting. Engineered for extended periods of use, our ergonomic chair prioritizes your comfort and well-being, ensuring optimal support for your back and posture. With adjustable lumber support, adjustable arms and designer adjustable head rest

Crafted with a focus on functionality, this computer chair boasts adjustable features that cater to your individual needs. Easily customize the chair's height, armrests, and tilt to achieve the perfect ergonomic configuration for your unique work style. The mesh back design not only adds a modern touch but also promotes breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout your workday.

Whether you're tackling tasks at your desk or engaged in intense gaming sessions, our online office chair seamlessly transitions between various functions, providing the support and flexibility you require. Invest in the ultimate combination of style and functionality with our ergonomic, task-oriented, computer-friendly chair - a true game-changer for your workspace.

About manufacturer | Akita

Tilt tension control No
Height adjustable back with lumbar support No
Seat height adjustment No
Seat depth adjustment No
Forward seat tilt with lock No
Back angle adjustment No
Arms height adjustment No
Arms angle adjustment No
Knee-tilt mechanism No
Synchro-tilt mechanism No
Waterfall seat front edge No
Vibrating back and seat No
Arms adjustment in width No
Arm rotation No
Center tilt seat movement No
Push button control No
Contoured cushions No
Tilt-lock No

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